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  • URGENT REQUEST FOR HELP! Since February 24, Ukraine and its citizens are in absolute danger due to the Russian invasion and full-scale war. Many orphan foster families are in dire need of emergency food and medicines… Read more

Report September 9, 2022

On September 1st, Sunflower Academy Fund received the fourth wire of $850 from (Fund’s fiscal sponsor in the US) and worked on distributing it to families in need.

For the amount of money received, we have been able to provide monetary support to 3 foster families:

Liudmyla’s family with 4 kids – $300
Tetiana’s family with 10 kids – $500
Elena’s family with 9 kids – $56 (additional support was made directly via Fund’s website).

You can read their heartbreaking story by scanning the QR code in the first picture.
100% of the Funds went directly to the families with no operational costs.

Learn more about how we choose the families and check their documents on our social media pages:


Thank you all for supporting Ukrainian orphans!