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  • URGENT REQUEST FOR HELP! Since February 24, Ukraine and its citizens are in absolute danger due to the Russian invasion and full-scale war. Many orphan foster families are in dire need of emergency food and medicines… Read more

Jing Liang


Jing is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Umbrex – a global community of top-tier, independent management consultants ( He also co-founded Storelli Sports, a sports protective gear company, and Attenua, a biotech company. He is currently working on an enterprise data-cleaning start-up.

He first came to Ukraine in December 2017 for a mileage run to retain his Star Alliance frequent flier status. But on this trip, he met his first Ukrainian orphan foster family – the Vovk family in Kyiv. The orphans’ stories touched and inspired Jing to do something to change their life trajectories through Math and English education. You can read his recounting of his first trip here:

In 2019, Jing started Sunflower Academy, an outside-of-school Math and English education program. His vision is to leverage gamification to accelerate Math and English education for orphans. Through Sunflower Academy, he hopes to transform the lives of Ukrainian orphans and enable them to write their own tickets in life.